Horror Frying, 2019

"Welcome to Horror Frying, a fancy little diner tucked away in the city. Let our Ghost-ess lead you to your table, sit back and relax as our waiter brings you a drink (please don't stare at his fangs, he's self conscious).

No, wait! Where are you going? That's not an exi- oh dear. Clean up! It happened again....Oh hello! Welcome to Horror Frying."

A pun-filled horror comedy comic I'm currently working on, aiming for an October release.

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Thorn In My Side, 2017

Drawn by Zac Shirk, Colored by Me, Written by both.

Thorn In My Side follows the story of a very jealous cactus. [Preview coming soon]

alone, 2015

"What does it mean to be truly alone? No family, friends, or anyone to turn to? For Camilla this isn't something to imagine, it's her whole life." 

Originally published in the Los Angeles Women's Comic Creator League's first anthology, ALONE is a 12 page story written and drawn by myself. Eventually I want to come back to this story and expand it.

Misc. Comic Strips

Sometimes I make goofy one-shot comic strips, sometimes they're actually funny.

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